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MHG Heiztechnik is one of the leading German manufacturers of high-quality heating technology systems and components for oil, gas, ambient heat, solar and hybrid heating systems. With our top-class heating products we offer our national and international customers a wide range of products for the ultimate in cosiness, convenience and reliability. At the same time, MHG's modern premium heating technology with optimised energy efficiency also guarantees home-owners and plant operators exceptionally low heating costs, whilst protecting the environment.

MHG Heiztechnik is a company with decades of experience. Originally part of the MAN Group, since October 20005 we have been an independent company managed by shareholder Julian Bonato. With our partner, Haspa Beteiligungsgesellschaft für der Mittelstand mbH, we have a financially strong and long-term oriented partner at our side.

We have a Germany-wide network of service and sales offices, as well as numerous sales representatives. This ensures the comprehensive provision of advice and support to our partners in the heating technology sector.

In addition to German markets, MHG Heiztechnik and its products are also present in more than 35 markets throughout the world, including Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Belgium, France, UK, Ireland, Russia and China.

For queries and further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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