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An important milestone in the history of the company is the merger of its infrastructure.


In September 2010, MHG relocated production to Buchholz. Production and logistics had already moved to the new building from the free Port of Hamburg in August 2010. This completes MHG's relocation to Buchholz. MHG has invested a total of €4.6 million in buying the 9,385-square metre property and erecting the new building. Total investments in the new location since 2007 amount to €7.8 million. The expansion means that MHG now has modern and efficient infrastructure covering an area of more than 18,000 square metres.

"This new construction work has laid the foundation for further growth. We will soon be recruiting additional staff, not least for the production department, which we have significantly expanded. At the same time, compared to our previous location, we have also increased the number of pallet locations for goods, commodities and spare parts to about 3,900", explained Markus Niedermayer, managing partner of MHG Heiztechnik GmbH.

Four ramps with roller shutters and safety gates facilitate smooth transport to and from a logistics area that is equipped with high racks. A particular advantage is the excellent transport link - including the motorway, which is more or less right on the doorstep - and the fact that the complex customs procedures necessary in the Port of Hamburg's free trade zone no longer apply.

Production takes up 2,250 square metres. "In addition to the various
gas and oil condensing boiler series, in Buchholz we also make the ThermiStar and ThermiAir series heat pumps, as well as the hybrid heating systems. Various testing walls, as well as evaporators mounted on the roof, enable us to perform heat tests and comprehensive quality controls on all appliances. Excess heat is used to heat the production and logistics hall, as well as the neighbouring offices and social spaces", explained Juan-Carlos Gil-Söffker, an MHG managing partner, who has coordinated the construction work on the new building and driven it forward significantly.

Buchholz is now staffed by a total of around 100 MHG employees.

Click here for a virtual tour of our 6,000-square metre production and logistics building. We hope you enjoy it!

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