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Forced-air gas burner GE 1H

Forced air gas burner GE 1H: Future-proof technology

  • Forced air gas burners for boiler outputs of 15 to 105 kW.
  • Especially low gas consumption and extremely low harmful emissions.
  • Universally applicable with all commonly available, old and new, cast iron or steel boilers.
  • Reliable, quiet and low-maintenance.
  • Small housing with the forced-air fan familiar from the Rocket Burner®, for optimum starting, particularly stable combustion and high reliability.
  • Especially low-noise as a result of air intake via silencer.
  • Gas fitting built into the housing lid, enabling time-saving connection to the gas main by means of a flexible, corrugated gas pipe.
  • Electronic control unit with fault diagnosis.
  • Display with operating information and reset button.

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