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Gas heating

Product overview

MHG Heating Technology is a pioneer in the field of condensing gas technology and one of the most experienced suppliers on the market. In fact, it was essentially MHG that, in the 1980s, paved the way for the breakthrough of this technology. The difference is our many years of experience: We offer a high-quality range of gas condensing installations that fulfil the most exacting requirements in terms of economy, environmental protection, ease of use and operating safety.

Exclusive range of products

With our unique product spectrum, such as the ProCon-, ProCon Streamline- and ProCon GWB Smartline series floor-mounted and wall-mounted gas condensing boilers, we cover power ranges from 3 to 900 kW.

Extremely environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

The main objectives of our entire gas condensing range are particularly high energy efficiency and extremely low emissions. Significant aspects of this are broad-range modulation and the use of modulating, maintenance-free ECONOX premix radiant burners. This avoids energy losses caused by additional exhaust emissions and by switching the appliance on and off unnecessarily often. Furthermore, modulation pumps for optimised condensing are already standard equipment in some of our top models. There are numerous advantages to using high-power, stainless steel heat exchangers. They include, in particular, high energy efficiency, high operating safety and long service life. It goes without saying that to achieve optimal heating cost savings you can combine any of our appliances in the ProCon family with our SOLARMAT solar thermal systems.

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