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Heat pump

The glow of natural warmth: MHG heat pumps pave the way.

Snug and warm with free energy from the environment: MHG's tried and tested heating pump technology paves your way to a particularly ecological and economical, future-proof type of heating system. This is because with our ThermiStar and ThermiAir series heat pumps you can utilise the heat that is stored in the ambient air or in the ground.

The best thing is: natural resources regenerate continuously. In this way, depending on local conditions and temperatures, the natural environment provides about 75 % of the energy needed free-of-charge, completely irrespective of whether the sun shines or not. In this case, only about 25 % is needed from another power supply, which many energy suppliers also offer at quite a competitive price. If you combine your MHG heat pump with a solar thermal system from our SOLARMAT series, you can also utilise free solar energy.

The result: extremely low operating costs and independence from the fossil fuels oil and gas. In addition, local heat pumps generate absolutely no pollutant emissions at all, thereby sustainably reducing CO2emissions to make a significant contribution toward climate protection. And, last but not least. (in Germany) you can also benefit from state and federal grants, as well as low-interest loans from the KfW Bank.

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