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Hot water tanks

THERAMAT range of storage tanks: On-demand hot water comfort

  • Available in 16 different models as wall and floor-mounted units with nominal capacities ranging from 120 to 800 litres 
  • Available as solar, buffer or combi-storage unit and high-perfomance storage
  • Can be precisely adjusted to individual heat requirements, can easily cater for the highest heat-comfort needs of multi-family dwellings 
  • Perfectly suited for combination with MHG's gas condensing boiler 
  • High-performance, stainless steel, bare-tube heat exchanger in the EMH series designed for optimised condensing; used to increase the temperature at short notice
  • Range includes top-quality, as well as inexpensive enamel tanks
  • some of which are optimised for solar energy
  • High operating safety, long service life

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