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Hybrid heating system

Uniquely novel appliance for renewable energy in older buildings: The new EcoStar Hybrid.

Germany currently has more than 4 million oil heaters that belong on the scrap heap. This constitutes an immense burden, not only for home-owners, but also for the environment.

When modernising their heating systems, many home-owners wish to use the opportunity to become less dependent on heating oil and unpredictable price developments. Instead, they want to use free eco-energy and would prefer to have a heat pump installed. However, the heat pump is not always suitable for installation in houses built according to the old thermal insulation ordinance, nor for new buildings equipped with radiators.

MHG's premium hybrid technology paves the way for climate-friendly and intelligent heat generation combined with a high proportion of future-proof renewable energies in old buildings. What is more, it is very reasonably priced. The compact, high-tech EcoStar Hybrid turnkey appliance gives home-owners access to a new era in heat generation.

Our video service is happy to provide you with more information about hybrid product innovations. In the video, Markus Niedermayer, chairman of MHG Heiztechnik, gives a succinct explanation of the key facts and origins of the EcoStar Hybrid.<xml></xml>

Discover even more about the EcoStar Hybrid

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