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EcoStar plus

A perfectly coordinated oil condensing system is the benchmark for eco-friendly heating.

EcoStar Unit: Sets standards for energy-saving, eco-friendly heating.

  • Floor-standing, low-temperature oil heating system/oil-fired condensing boiler system, each available in four versions ranging from 15 to 27kW, designed for use in houses or apartment blocks, depending on the output.
  • Also available in the low-temperature version with downstream heat exchanger and as a single boiler.
  • Up to 40 % heating cost savings and maximum eco-friendliness as a result of perfect combustion and heat recovery, with optimum use of calorific value.
  • Peak standard performance level up to 104 % with the oil-fired condensing version, top standard performance level up to 94.5 % in the low-temperature model, or up to 98.5 % in the low-temperature model with exploitation of residual heat.
  • KONDENSAMAT high-performance heat exchanger made of stainless steel for excellent reliability (condensing oil-fired version).
  • Especially long service life as a result of proven, sophisticated, high-quality components (cast iron boiler, Rocket Burner®) and common components strategy.
  • Innovative standards regulation with numerous integrated system options and menu-led remote control for especially high user-friendliness.
  • Approved for operation with all normally available types of heating oil.
  • Almost noiseless operation.
  • Simple installation as a result of the low boiler weight; uncomplicated maintenance as a result, for example, of the pivoting boiler door.
  • Hot water storage tanks available perfectly coordinated in terms of design and technology, holding between 150 and 500 litres
  • Cost-effective flue renovation by means of a high-quality plastic exhaust system.
  • Especially low operating noise level.
  • Adjusting the EcoStar oil unit is extremely user-friendly. It can be carried out by radio as an optional extra.
  • All the components, such as the Rocket Burner, are easily accessible for maintenance - which will delight the heating engineer.
  • Can be ideally combined with a thermal solar energy installation from MHG.

Ecodesign Directive (ErP) product labels and data sheets


Data Sheets EcoStar 500

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