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Chimney sweep measuring report

Chimney sweep measuring report

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The individual fields have the following meanings:

Smoke spot number (soot level)
The smoke spot number is only measured for oil heating systems and shows the dust and soot content of the flue gas. It can be between 0 and 9 and must be no more than 1. The maximum value for systems built before 1988 in the former FRG and before 1990 in the former GDR is 2. Please note: Soot hinders heat transmission to the heating system and increases the temperature of flue gas. Just 1 mm of soot on the inner lining of the boiler means you are burning money. However, the MGH Raketenbrenner™ operates entirely soot-free - smoke spot number 0 - helping you achieve the optimum value.

Oil derivatives
Flue gas must not any contain oil derivatives, i.e. oil residues.

Flue gas loss
The higher the flue gas loss, the lower the energy efficiency. That means: higher heating costs and higher pollutant emissions. The upper limit value for flue gas loss from oil- and gas-fired heating systems is 11 % Ideally, the flue gas loss value should be between 3 and 7 %. Since 2004 at the latest, outdated systems must also fulfil the limit values. It is certainly worth considering modernising a heating system, if the flue gas loss values are only just within future limit values. But, even if flue gas values are low, MHG's modern condensing gas technology can certainly help reduce heating costs even more: This is because an MHG condensing gas boiler has a bare minimum of flue gas loss compared to normal appliances.

Temperature of heat transfer medium in °C
General flow temperature: allows comparisons of measurements made by different inspectors.

Combustion air temperature in °C
Combustion air temperature to determine flue gas loss.

Flue gas temperature in °C
Required to calculate flue gas loss. Low flue gas temperature means little flue gas loss. Modern condensing gas appliances from MHG Heating Technology now only have a flue gas temperature of about 50 °C

Pressure difference in hPa
Better known as chimney draught - denotes the operating conditions. Pressure is between 0.02 and 0.2 hPa for a 'normal appliance'. For specific heating systems, the pressure range can be set between 0.6 and 1.4 hPa.

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