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Ecovativ since 1927.

MHG - three letters for economy,

quality and innovation.


The future of energy saving

Innovations for future-proof heating

Quality, energy efficiency and continuous technical development – this is what MHG Heiztechnik‘s premium products, steeped in tradition, have symbolised for decades. Originally part of the MAN Group, many years ago MHG established itself on the market as an owner-managed, independent company and in now a leading German supplier of high-quality heating systems and components. From its German base, MHG produces sophisticated quality products for the domestic market, as well as for export to international markets in more than 35 countries. Among MHG's main priorities is ensuring that our manufacturing processes and product functionality protect  the environment and conserve resources.

MHG's wide-ranging product portfolio provides solutions for all heating-systems, from modernisation to new build installation. The portfolio ranges from gas and oil heating systems, gas and oil burners to heat pumps and products from the solar thermal sector. In the spirit of energy efficiency and environmental protection, MHG naturally focuses on the use of renewable energies and has made a name for itself as pioneer in the field of integrated hybrid heating systems. The company also supplies system solutions with controller technology and a wide spectrum of hot water tanks.

A feature common to all MHG appliances is that none of them leave the factory until they have passed a heat test. This guarantees the highest possible level of quality. MHG aims for premium quality in all it does and this is reflected in its staff relations, services and, most of all, its entire range of heating systems. MHG develops resource-conserving, energy-efficient and cost-reducing heating appliances, in this way contributing significantly to the protection of the environment, as well as ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction.

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